Click a thumbnail image to view some examples of bespoke kitchen and bathroom design from our design software.

See your dream bathroom or kitchen before it’s even built

Sounds fantastic? No it’s now a reality. We can design your kitchen or bathroom using our Virtual World’s 3D virtual reality program and create your kitchen or bathroom interior on our computer. You can then view it from any angle in amazing photo-realistic colour. The ‘real-time fly through’ mode gives you the freedom to ‘walk’ around your dream room and get a real feel for what it will look like.

Starting with a 2D plan, we gradually build up the room by importing items from the product ranges available. The objects can easily be moved around, rotated, re-sized and positioned to the your requirements. Architectural features can be generated to exact dimensions to create your dream room. We can even form an arrangement of component objects, from different manufacturer catalogues if you wish.

Using Virtual Worlds we can easily try out different decorative styles. For example walls can be instantly painted, tiled, and wallpapered, and you can see what the floor looks like tiled or as strip wood. Colours and patterns can be changed instantly without having to wait for screen redraws.

To add detail and help create the individual look we can add plants, radiators, pictures, mirrors and other items from the extensive libraries of generic objects supplied.

Click on the thumbnail images above to see some examples of kitchens and bathrooms modelled by our Virtual Worlds software.


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