Wet room design ideas to make your bathroom the greatest room in the house

Wet rooms have become a wildly popular bathroom design choice in recent years. The style is minimal but full impact, opening up the bathroom for a spacious, elegant and easy to clean layout. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, a wet room is a shower space that has level access to the floor, keeping the space open, rather than shutting it off with curtains or a tub lip. 

The design is all about minimalism and sophistication, using glass and smart shower positioning to keep water in the right area without restricting access. Here are five wet room design ideas to consider for your wet room:

Totally tiled 

Wet rooms are a popular choice because they’re easy to access and a dream to clean. By tiling the entire room, you essentially make your whole bathroom a wetroom. A multi-functional space that can get wet without concern and then be easily cleaned up in just a minute or two. 

This kind of design is excellent for those who need a wheelchair accessible space, or even just for those with kids who don’t like to keep contained to one place.

Showerhead centrepiece 

There is nothing more elegant and space-enhancing than designing your shower as the centrepiece of your wet room. Careful showerhead positioning ensures that your water is contained so that you can forgo doors and other unnecessary screens for a totally open design. 

This style is best suited to larger spaces, but it can still be achieved in smaller rooms, as long as there is enough space around to ensure water doesn’t reach all parts of the room.

Curved divide

For smaller bathrooms, glass dividers can be installed to keep water from going beyond the barrier. In cases where the shower area is narrow, curved glass can widen it without impacting the appearance of open space in the rest of the room. 

Curved glass gives you flexibility when you want a wet room but have challenges with the layout of your space.

Smooth surfaces

Embracing the minimalistic aesthetic, smooth, solid surfaces for the wet room flooring and walls provides a beautiful contrast against wooden or wood-look flooring. Not only does this style visually please, the smooth surface feels heavenly underfoot as you shower. 

This design is one of the most practical of the wet room designs. Clean, simple, elegant.

Spa style slate 

Slate flooring is the ultimate spa aesthetic. The granular appearance and feel underfoot provide a naturalist experience, the kind of trimmings you can expect at a five-star resort spa. 

Thankfully, this five-star feeling can be complete in your very own home. Slate flooring an extremely popular option to bring luxury to your wet room at home. 

When it comes to wet rooms, the options are really endless. To help you determine the look for you, contact Maxwell Interiors for a free consultation. We are experts in kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and design, able to help you bring your ideas to life.

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