Being a family run business is important to us. We were fortunate this weekend to attend the wedding of a cousin up in the cotswolds. This was an excellent time to have all of our Maxwell Clan together and spend some quality time not talking about bathrooms and kitchens for once!  😆

I was incredibly proud of how grown up my 2 mini Maxwells looked during the occasion and it started me thinking about the days when i will be able to (hopefully) hand over the reigns of the business. I’m not sure 11 year old mini Maxwell is as on board with this at the moment, as i expected, however i truly wish that he can see the benefits of being in a family business, here are my 5 reasons why i believe family run is best……

1. Speed – we can think of an idea in the morning and be working on it by the afternoon, the family team is always present and ready to get cracking!

2. No office politics! Yes we have our family fallings out and everyone knows I’m a grumpy old tyrant sometimes but being family we can just let it wash over us and get on!

3. Nature plus nurture – It is of course the way that both mine and my brothers kids have our fabulous entrepreneurial gene, which we both inherited from our dad, along with this they have watched while we have built the business and seen the passion and work involved in our little Maxwell Empire

4. Trust – There is obviously a high level of trust within family bonds and even those we welcome into the family like Steve and Merick the fitting team and Stella our kitchen designer.

5. Control – Now not that i would advertise myself as a control freak (!?!) it is wonderful as a business to be able to control our own destiny!

Obviously working with family does have its challenges and disagreements, but personally i wouldn’t have it any other way!!!