The traditional bathroom, featuring lots of tiled surfaces – walls, floors and even ceilings, are now being seen by many people as old hat. In the same way that people like to personalize their bedrooms or lounges, bathrooms are being designed to provide ambience that turns bathing into an experience rather than a necessary function.

Here are some of the trends in bathroom design for 2015.

Bathroom Living

Bathroom Trends 2015Your bathroom needn’t look like a sterile operating theatre from your local hospital. One of the recent trends, which will almost certainly continue into 2015, is that named ‘bathroom living’, where the bathroom is designed to look more like a bedroom or living room than a traditional bathroom. Bookshelves, vanity units that resemble dressing tables and furniture, such as a small upholstered chair, give the bathroom the ‘bathroom living’ feel.

The Personal Touch

Bathrooms featuring bold, colourfully designed tiles and floors give a personalized feel that moves away from the sterilized look of the traditional white tiled walls and matching tiles floors.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are now finding their way into bathrooms. In particular, woods, such as teak, provide a relaxing feel and, at the same time, are hard wearing with extremely good insulating properties.


If you’re tired of the traditional ceramic look why not consider a copper bath? Copper retains heat well and, as such, is ideal if you like a lengthy soak. What’s more, in the right setting even a modern setting, copper can look stunning.

Bathroom Trends 2015Gold

The metallic theme continues with gold. Brighten up a neutral design with gold fittings and accessories. Not necessarily to everyone’s taste, but with subtle use, and in the right setting, gold can add a touch of class to your bathroom.

Home Spas

Many homeowners are now investing in products that previously would only have been considered for a spa. Whirlpool baths, showers that feature aromatherapy and chromotherapy functions are now making there way into homes. Even home steams rooms and showers are being fitted where space allows.



These are just some of the trends for bathroom designs in 2015. What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you. Go to our Facebook or Twitter pages and leave a comment.